How Scorsese’s 1976 film can be read as a response to the Vietnam War.

Via IMDB — © 1976 Columbia/TriStar


A detailed retrospective on the underrated Wii game, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

William Friedkin’s decent into madness.

Via IMDB — © 1977 Paramount/Universal

What the 1979 thriller teaches us about post-Watergate America.

Via IMDB — © 1979 Columbia

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood indeed.

Via IMDB — Lacey Terrell © Sony Pictures Entertainment

Over 70 years later, William Wyler’s WWII epic still endures.

Via IMDB — © 1946 Samuel Goldwyn Productions

My favourite performances from America’s dad.

The Terminal (Dir. Steven Spielberg, 2004)

Via IMDB — © 2004 Dreamworks LLC

One of the greatest directoral feature debuts of all time.

Via IMDB — © 1957 United Artists

One of the most personal films of Steven Spielberg’s career.

Via IMDB — © 1977 Columbia

Fran Del Pizzo

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